Hummus with Pastrami

Anatolia style hummus served with crispy beef pastrami


Roasted vegetables with puffed wheat and chilli sauce

Dry Smoked Tzatziki

Smoked yogurt with cucumber and fresh mint

Smoked Roasted Eggplant

Roasted eggplant with crispy garlic and pistachio

Pumpkin Sinkonta

Pumpkin , yogurt, bitter oil, with pumpkin seeds on top (Chef Special)

Zucchini Beauty

Baby zucchini flavoured with sour green sauce served with orange zest and almonds on top (Chef’s Specials)


With fried vegetables, tomato sauce, parsley and garlic yogurt

Melon with Shrimp

Poached shrimp flavoured with tigre sauce, melon and lemon blossom


Pan Fried Potatoes

Pan fried potatoes with caramelized onions, thyme, chili pepper, yogurt, and chili oil

Crispy Dumpling

Crispy ravioli served with sumac and chili oi


Zucchini pancake with smoked yogurt and molasses sauce

Crispy Octopus

Roasted eggplant spread, marinated tomatoes with garlic & fresh basil 8

Butter Brown Shrimp (Casserole)

Mediterranean Shrimp with Mushroom, Thyme, and Brown Butter

Crispy Troya Liver

Traditional Troya liver with crispy bagel


Tomato Salad

Garden tomatoes with fresh basil, mint, crispy simit, burrata and butter Brown vinaigrette dressing

Baby Spinach Salad

Seasonal greens, figs, burrata and almond on top with pomegranate and vinaigrette dressing

Kale Salad With Pumpkin

Pumpkin, kale, inside of sunflower seeds, with pomegranate, lemon cream

Bowl Salad

Seasonal greens with avocado, red cabbage and tomatoes (cherries)


Smoked Rib with Jue Sauce (180 GR)

12 hours cured and 6 hours cooked Smoked ribs with mashed potatoes, and peanut powder jus sauce

Tirit (Göbekli Tepe) (150 Gr)

Sherried ribs with crispy bread, bone broth, garlic crunchy and traditional sour cream

Lamb Shank

With barley vermicelli, cream, thyme, and jus sauce

Mushroom Grilled with Potato Puree

Baked mushrooms, mashed potato and crunchy leek on top with Glazed truffle dressing

Grilled Octopus

Pouched octopus sleeve, sweet potato, capia puree with crunchy leek

Oxtail (180 Gr)

6 hours slow cook Oxtail, mashed avocado and crispy yogurt served with jus sauce

Çengelli Taş Mix Grill

Chicken shish, lamp shish, shrimp shish.) with barley noodle rice, cream, thyme and pickles (Good for 2 People)

Lamb Casserole

Chopped lamb pieces cooked in oven with brown butter sauce, covered with flat bread

Mediterranean Branzino

Mediterranean sea bass served with mushrooms, baby spinach and almond cream

Baby Chicken

12 hours cured with lemon cream, mint and salt served with roosted leek (good for 2 people)

Brown Butter Tenderloin (12 oz) - 55.95 (5 oz) - 35.95

Grilled local Tenderloin marinated with garlic and rosemary served with crispy potatoes, pardon peppers and brown butter (Good for 2 people)


Rib Flat Bread

12 hours cured and 6 hours cooked Smoked ribs with mashed potatoes, and peanut powder jus sauce

Pontus Flat Bread (Half and Half)  

Served Traditional Koloti cheese, ground beef and dry egg yolk zest on top

Mushroom Flat Bread

Chef mix mushroom, tofu zest, truffle glaze, mint, horseradish and pomegranate pieces on top


Signature tomato sauce and buffalo burrata serving fresh basil and organic olive oil

Balloon Bread (Flat Bread)

12 hours cold fermented dough, thyme oil