Mediterranean Cuisine


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Experience the Flavors of Aspendos

Introducing the newest addition to the culinary scene, a Mediterranean restaurant with a rich history of flavors and traditions. Aspendos is the brainchild of two brothers with over 20 years of experience in the food industry, and this marks their fourth establishment.


Monday - Thursday | 11AM - 10PM
Friday - Sunday | 11AM - 10:30PM

Our Menu

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

From savory appetizers to mouth-watering entrees, every dish is carefully prepared using only the freshest and finest ingredients

Hummus with Pastrami

Anatolia style hummus served with crispy beef pastrami


Dry Smoked Tzatziki

Smoked yogurt with cucumber and fresh mint


Smoked Rib with Jue Sauce (180 GR)

12 hours cured and 6 hours cooked Smoked ribs with mashed potatoes, and peanut powder jus sauce


Mushroom Flat Bread

Chef mix mushroom, tofu zest, truffle glaze, mint, horseradish and pomegranate pieces on top



Signature tomato sauce and buffalo burrata serving fresh basil and organic olive oil


Relaxed dinner with friends and family

Savor Locally Sourced Ingredients

Farm-to-Table Dinner

A Mediterranean Cuisine with a rich history of flavors and traditions

So come on down and experience the flavors of the Mediterranean like never before at this new restaurant. With a focus on quality, service, and a passion for food, these two brothers are sure to delight your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

As the Aspendos family

We extend a warm welcome to our esteemed guests, inviting you to indulge in the exquisite and bountiful cuisine of the ancient Mediterranean and Aegean regions. We are delighted to embark on a historical journey with you.